Pinning SharePoint document libraries to the Windows Quick Access area

If you use document libraries in SharePoint a lot, you’re probably best friends with the Open In Explorer option that launches the SharePoint document library in the Windows File Explorer interface. However, one of my co-workers (Sara Rice) brought this tip to my attention… you can pin that document library to the Windows File Explorer’s Quick Access area for faster access in the future. Here’s how that works…

Making your voice heard at Microsoft – UserVoice sites for our relevant software

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get a question from someone along the lines of “does do , and why doesn’t it?”. Or, there’s the “when will Microsoft change to allow us to do ” question. Bottom line… we don’t know, and we have virtually no sway to influence Microsoft to change their software… but you do!

Free tech books and documents from Microsoft!

It’s that time of year again!

Each year, Eric Ligman from Microsoft has a blog entry that posts links to a LARGE collection of FREE ebooks on Microsoft technology. There’s no catch, it’s all legal, and it’s simply a “thank you” to everyone who is a Microsoft customer or partner. They are full versions of the titles, they are not time-bombed, etc. They are really and truly FREE for downloading.

Saving time in a SharePoint Person/Group field

When you’re working in SharePoint and you have to fill in someone’s name, you’re seeing what is commonly called a People Picker field. It’s a field that’s set up to allow for names, and it has two icons to check the name format as well as to look up a name in the Select People and Groups dialog box.

However, I often see people clicking on the Address Book icon even if they know the name of the person they want to add to the field. Following are some various ways to add a person’s name into the field and maybe save yourself some clicking around to do so.