Retrieving deleted emails with the Undo feature

Sandra shared this one with me today, and neither of us had thought about using Undo in this fashion. But it works really well for getting an email back that you inadvertently sent to the Deleted Items folder (assuming you use Undo right after you did the delete).

Outlook – Quick Access Toolbar

We recently shared how you can Clean Up Folders in Outlook. If you’d like to skip a couple of steps, here’s a great way to add an action to your Quick Access Toolbar.

Free tech books and documents from Microsoft!

It’s that time of year again!

Each year, Eric Ligman from Microsoft has a blog entry that posts links to a LARGE collection of FREE ebooks on Microsoft technology. There’s no catch, it’s all legal, and it’s simply a “thank you” to everyone who is a Microsoft customer or partner. They are full versions of the titles, they are not time-bombed, etc. They are really and truly FREE for downloading.

Separating email addresses in Outlook using commas

If you’ve been using email clients (like Outlook) for years like I have (translation: I’m old), you may have become used to using the semicolons to separate email addresses in the To, CC, and BCC fields. But you *can* make a change in Outlook to allow the use of commas.