Where did my Ribbon Bar commands go?

Some time and somehow over the last couple of days, my Outlook email started showing up with the Ribbon Bar tabs appearing but none of the commands underneath them. To do anything with my email, I had to click the Messages tab to get all the related commands. Since this had One Minute Office Magic tip written all over it, I decided to figure out what I did and how to fix it.

Getting rid of the Excel numeric/text error completely

Last month, I shared a tip about how to clear out the numeric/text error in Excel without having to correct it one cell at a time. I mentioned there was no blanket way to turn it off, but I was… WRONG! A colleague pointed out an option setting in Excel that allows you to ignore that error completely.

Expiring mail in Outlook

There’s a feature in Outlook that allows you to send an email that “expires” at a certain date and time. Sandra and I were discussing it the other day, and we really didn’t know what it would do. I decided to figure it out for today’s tip. 🙂

AutoRecover in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

So have you ever been working away on a Word document or Excel file, only to have the power go out or your laptop throw the Blue Screen of Death? All your work… gone.

But not necessarily… if you have AutoRecover configured in your Office programs (specifically, I’m referring to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), you will only lose a limited amount of work. Here’s how you do that…