Changing the date format in your Outlook Inbox

Depending on how you format your Inbox layout in Outlook, you may be interested to save as much room as possible to show more information in the Subject column or have more room for the preview pane. Sandra showed me a way to reformat the date column that works really well for me.

Why the names in a Skype meeting vary in how they are ordered

On our “you ask the questions, we try to answer them” call this week, someone brought up the question of why some names in a Skype meeting are in first/last name order, and others are in last/first name order. Even more confusing, it’s not consistent for a particular name across all the people on the call. We presented the question to our Skype expert Brandon Bettle and found out the answer.

Changing your user initials in Office programs

A colleague pointed out this option to me the other day, and it’s a good one to share. In Office programs like Word or OneNote, the system often uses your initials to note who made changes. But perhaps you need to change your initials for some reason (duplicate of someone else, you don’t like them, etc.). Here’s how you do that…

Re-displaying closed conversations in Skype

Sandra showed me a really cool tip last week that I didn’t know about (because I tend not to click on buttons I’ve never used before). She showed me how to re-display Skype conversations within Skype if I inadvertently close one. This is far better than having to go check out Conversation History in Outlook. Here’s how it works…

Changing the font settings for Outlook email

In the last month, I’ve had two customers ask me how to “fix” their font settings in Outlook. Somehow they got changed from what they were used to, and using the font settings on the Home tab only fixed the fonts for the email they were currently in. Here’s how to make the changes permanent…

Windows 10 behavior when copying duplicate files

So while this isn’t technically an Office software tip, it is something you’ll see if you’re trying to copy Microsoft Office (or any other) files from one place to another if you’re on Windows 10.

It used to be if you were trying to copy a file that was a duplicate of one in the destination location, you got a single screen that gave you the option to keep the original, copy over the new version, or keep both (and add a number at the end of the duplicated file being copied). Now that is split up in two screens.