Break out of your rut with Office templates

When I go to start a new Word document or Excel file, I nearly always take the default blank template in the upper left corner. However, I recently decided to scroll down and see what Excel file templates were out there. I was amazed at what options I had to create something that was “out of the ordinary”.

Meeting Reminders in Outlook

It’s a pretty safe bet these days that we’re all swamped with meetings on our calendars, and we need a reminder when the next meeting is due to start. Here’s how to set up Reminders on your calendar entries (both for yourself and for others you invite to the meeting), as well as how to hit the Snooze button on the alarm.

Searching for date ranges in Outlook

I received a great tip from Tamara Bredemus yesterday when it came to searching for mail in Outlook. She needed to narrow down her inbox to only show items for a two week period. By using the received keyword in the search bar, she easily made that happen. Here’s how…

Saving time in a SharePoint Person/Group field

When you’re working in SharePoint and you have to fill in someone’s name, you’re seeing what is commonly called a People Picker field. It’s a field that’s set up to allow for names, and it has two icons to check the name format as well as to look up a name in the Select People and Groups dialog box.

However, I often see people clicking on the Address Book icon even if they know the name of the person they want to add to the field. Following are some various ways to add a person’s name into the field and maybe save yourself some clicking around to do so.

Adding Favorites to a minimized Outlook Folder Pane

Sandra showed me a cool trick last week that I was unaware of. She likes to keep her Outlook Folder Pane minimized down the left side of the screen, but I’ve always disliked it because it didn’t list the folders I cared about. She fixed that problem by showing me how to add Favorites there! Here’s how you do it…