Making your voice heard at Microsoft – UserVoice sites for our relevant software

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get a question from someone along the lines of “does do , and why doesn’t it?”. Or, there’s the “when will Microsoft change to allow us to do ” question. Bottom line… we don’t know, and we have virtually no sway to influence Microsoft to change their software… but you do!

Viewing your recent edits in OneNote

With the amount of work we do on a daily basis, it’s often hard to remember just exactly where you updated or changed information. You know you did it in the last couple of days, but you can’t specifically remember where it was done.

If you’re using OneNote to store information, OneNote makes it easy to find everything you changed and where exactly it was updated using the Recent Edits feature. Here’s how that works…

Changing your user initials in Office programs

A colleague pointed out this option to me the other day, and it’s a good one to share. In Office programs like Word or OneNote, the system often uses your initials to note who made changes. But perhaps you need to change your initials for some reason (duplicate of someone else, you don’t like them, etc.). Here’s how you do that…

Making quick video recordings in OneNote

Let’s say you want to create a quick video of yourself, either to let your team know something, or perhaps just as a reminder to yourself to take care of some items. OneNote has a basic video recording function built in, and it’s perfect for those basic types of videos (not screen captures… just whatever your vidcam is picking up). Here’s how it works…

Fixing your quirky spelling errors in Office

Admit it… you have a few(?) words that you always misspell or mistype when working on a Word document, a PowerPoint deck, an Excel file, a OneNote notebook, or an Outlook email. And, for whatever reason, the program decides that your quirky spelling isn’t important enough to fix for you automagically. Well, you can actually add your own spelling quirks to Office so that you don’t have to wear out the backspace key fixing your errors. And yes… this is a case where you can fix it once, and *all* the programs will pick up the change!