Using the Microsoft Stream web part in SharePoint Online

It’s one thing to have Microsoft Stream as your video portal for all your video content in the organization. However, if you’re using SharePoint Online, you might well want to embed a Stream video (or channel!) directly onto your page. You can do that with a Stream web part, and here’s how that works…

When you’re editing your SharePoint Online page, you can add a number of different web parts. For Stream, scroll down the list of available web parts until you get to the one for Stream, and then double-click it:


The configuration panel for the Stream web part appears on the right side of the page. It’s here that you’ll select whether you want to embed a single video or an entire channel:


For a single video, select the Source of Single Video, then paste in the URL for the Stream video that you want to embed. You also have the option to start it at a particular point in the video:


For embedding a channel, select the Source of Channel, the URL of the channel from Stream, and then pick the sort order of the videos that show up in the channel:


After you save and publish the page, you’ll see the web parts as they will show up. In this instance, they are showing in a narrow panel with the channel Stream on the top, and the single video Stream on the bottom:


If you have a wider section on your page, the Stream web part will adapt to use that additional room:



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