One Minute Office Magic is a blog that posts short tips and tricks related (mostly) to Microsoft Office software. The goal is to share something that can be read and tried in a minute or less.

This started out as an internal concept in our organization titled SparkOne. The tagline for that site is “Just A Minute”. After sharing a few of the tips on social media, people asked me if they could subscribe to the content I was creating. After a few months of cross-posting material on the IT Unity site, I went ahead and created this site as the place where I would focus my efforts for external sharing.

As with everything in life, this wouldn’t have happened without the help of others. I used to maintain a Lotus Notes tips and tricks database in our organization, back when I was a Notes Guy. Sandra Mahan kept “gently” suggesting that recreating that concept with a focus on SharePoint and Microsoft Office might be a good thing. We brainstormed the concept and name(s), and it became far more popular than either of us probably expected. So… if you see her name crop up a lot in examples, it’s because we are coworkers, and she puts up with me using her for screen shot examples. Plus, she’s wicked smart and she contributes some really great content.

Tom Duff