Pinning SharePoint document libraries to the Windows Quick Access area

If you use document libraries in SharePoint a lot, you’re probably best friends with the Open In Explorer option that launches the SharePoint document library in the Windows File Explorer interface. However, one of my co-workers (Sara Rice) brought this tip to my attention… you can pin that document library to the Windows File Explorer’s Quick Access area for faster access in the future. Here’s how that works…

To get to the File Explorer interface in SharePoint Online’s Modern Document Library interface, click on All Documents > View In File Explorer:


If you’re in the Classic View experience in SharePoint Online, or if you’re in an earlier version of SharePoint (like SharePoint 2010), click on Library > Open with Explorer:


Once the Windows File Explorer interface launches with your SharePoint document library, right-click on Quick Access in the left-side navigation. Then click on Pin current folder to Quick Access:


The document library will then be pinned in that area, and you can quickly get to that document library in the future without having to navigate through the browser at all:


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