Why the names in a Skype meeting vary in how they are ordered

On our “you ask the questions, we try to answer them” call this week, someone brought up the question of why some names in a Skype meeting are in first/last name order, and others are in last/first name order. Even more confusing, it’s not consistent for a particular name across all the people on the call. We presented the question to our Skype expert Brandon Bettle and found out the answer.

Re-displaying closed conversations in Skype

Sandra showed me a really cool tip last week that I didn’t know about (because I tend not to click on buttons I’ve never used before). She showed me how to re-display Skype conversations within Skype if I inadvertently close one. This is far better than having to go check out Conversation History in Outlook. Here’s how it works…

Free tech books and documents from Microsoft!

It’s that time of year again!

Each year, Eric Ligman from Microsoft has a blog entry that posts links to a LARGE collection of FREE ebooks on Microsoft technology. There’s no catch, it’s all legal, and it’s simply a “thank you” to everyone who is a Microsoft customer or partner. They are full versions of the titles, they are not time-bombed, etc. They are really and truly FREE for downloading.