I love tech conferences… and the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas rocks!

I’ve always been an addict when it comes to large tech conferences, as I learn lots and get to mix with friends and colleagues from throughout the industry and community. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, and it was outstanding… all SharePoint, all the time.

Why a SharePoint (and Office 365) only conference? Ignite is great in terms of overall breath of coverage of all things Microsoft, but it can be incredibly overwhelming. 30000 people in a single location, all trying to get from one place to another, and the locale HAS to be large to accommodate it. On the flip side, the SharePoint Conference is more focused, and the sessions are centered around things you live and breathe on a daily basis. The locale can be smaller, the vendor hall is more relevant to your technology needs, and it’s easier to find and meet the people you need to know.

I’m fortunate enough to be presenting this year with Christian Buckley in a session titled “20 Office 365 productivity tips that you’ve probably never used (but should).” Here’s the abstract:

In this fun and informative session, the presenters will share their favorite Office 365 productivity tips, with a focus on personal productivity, spanning the entire Office 365 platform (Yammer, SharePoint, Teams, and the Office suite). Attendees should walk away with at least 4 or 5 gems that could have an immediate impact on your productivity.

If you’ve attended any of our Office Productivity Tips webinars or sessions at SharePoint Saturday events, you’re used to our “grudge match” format where we go head-to-head with five tips each, with the audience getting to vote on who wins each round. This is different, in that we’re working together to present a lot of content in a short, concise format. If you walk out with four or five tips you didn’t know before, it may well pay for the cost of your trip.

In short, if your professional career involves SharePoint and Office 365, the SharePoint Conference in May is where you need to be! For me, I can’t wait to present at my first major SharePoint event. Register with this link and get $50 off your registration fee… https://www.sharepointna.com/#!/register?utm_term=DUFF @SPConf #SPC19

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