Where did my Ribbon Bar commands go?

Some time and somehow over the last couple of days, my Outlook email started showing up with the Ribbon Bar tabs appearing but none of the commands underneath them. To do anything with my email, I had to click the Messages tab to get all the related commands. Since this had One Minute Office Magic tip written all over it, I decided to figure out what I did and how to fix it.

AutoRecover in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

So have you ever been working away on a Word document or Excel file, only to have the power go out or your laptop throw the Blue Screen of Death? All your work… gone.

But not necessarily… if you have AutoRecover configured in your Office programs (specifically, I’m referring to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), you will only lose a limited amount of work. Here’s how you do that…

Excel Spell Check Options

One of our Enterprise Service Center (ESC) supervisors shared a cool Excel tip yesterday. They often hear complaints about how there is no automated Spell Checker in Excel. However, there are a couple of different ways that you can complete a spell check.

Removing gridlines from an Excel spreadsheet

The normal default behavior in an Excel spreadsheet is to see all the gridlines that separate the rows and columns and define all the individual cells. But there are times where you might want a cleaner appearance, and it would be beneficial to see those lines go away. This is how you do that…

Freezing the Header row in Excel

You know how sometimes when you’re in an Excel spreadsheet, you can scroll up and down the rows, but the first row of Header columns stays fixed? Here’s how you do that…