Saving time in a SharePoint Person/Group field

When you’re working in SharePoint and you have to fill in someone’s name, you’re seeing what is commonly called a People Picker field. It’s a field that’s set up to allow for names, and it has two icons to check the name format as well as to look up a name in the Select People and Groups dialog box.

However, I often see people clicking on the Address Book icon even if they know the name of the person they want to add to the field. Following are some various ways to add a person’s name into the field and maybe save yourself some clicking around to do so.

If you click the Address Book icon, you’ll get the Select People and Groups dialog box:


Rather than click a name and then click the Add button, you can just double-click the selected name and it will automatically add the name to the field at the bottom:


You can skip the dialog box entirely if you know the person’s name or employee number!

Here I typed in my employee number and clicked the Check Names icon. It changed my employee number into my name automatically:



Likewise, you can add a name by typing it in using a LastName, FirstName format. When you click the Check Names icon, it makes sure it’s a valid name and puts it into the right format:



Hopefully these quick tips will make it faster for you to enter your data and move on to the next thing you have to do.


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