How to create a hyperlink that will open a new pre-populated email

Most of the time when you click on a link in a web page, you go to another web page. But occasionally, the link opens a new email pre-populated with an address (and often a subject line and text in the body of the email). Would you like to know how to make those types of links? Read on…

Using whatever software you’re in (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.), find the option to insert a hyperlink in the document.

Use code below changing text in red (%20 will be expressed as a space):
mailto:insert email address&subject=insert subject line&body=insert body text




External Resource:


  1. Hi,
    When I tried to use this instead of creating a different subject and body line all of the text was just entered into the area for the email address.


    1. They forgot some important additions. Use the updated formula I found here: (note the question mark at the end) (note the ampersand at the end – this allows the addition of another field, in this case, the subject)
      subject=Excited%20to%20meet%20at%20the%20event!& (note the “%20” – this designates a space between the words – and the ampersand at the end)


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