Getting Outlook notifications for important emails

A colleague recently figured out a way to make sure that he’s notified in Outlook when he receives emails from specific people. He passed it along to us, and we’re passing it along to you. 🙂

When you set up this type of a mail rule, you’ll get a pop-up dialog box in Outlook when an email arrives from a specific person or group. You can then open the email from that pop-up.

Keep in mind that this only works from the Outlook client, and you have to be running Outlook at the time the email arrives for this to work. 

Expanding all the folders in the Outlook Inbox

I was asked the other day if there was a way to expand all the Outlook Inbox folders without clicking each one separately. The person had inadvertently moved a folder somewhere else, and they wanted to be able to see all the expanded folders so they could easily spot it. My first pass at research made it appear there was no way to do that without writing macros and such, but then I found this tip that works pretty good (provided you’re running Windows)…

Outlook Calendar Attendance Tracking

I learned a really cool little trick today entirely by accident. When I send out a meeting invite to a large group of people, I get a lot of a responses which I usually just delete. However, today I double-clicked and opened up one of the responses (instead of just viewing it in the Reading Pane).

Blocking Junk Mail in Outlook

Into each Inbox some Junk Mail must fall… and we get to play Whack-A-Mole to try and get rid of it. Here are a couple of options for getting junk mail out of your inbox and into your Junk Email folder…

Outlook – Minimizing Screen Items

Sometimes there isn’t a lot of room in Outlook to see everything when using the reading pane, especially if you have a smaller monitor or are using a laptop. Here are a few tricks to free up space.

Finding all the emails from a sender in Outlook

Let’s say that a certain boss I report to asks me about an email she sent me, and I’m desperately trying to find it so I don’t look dumber than normal. This Outlook trick can quickly filter down all my emails to only the items she sent me.