Updating your Skype presence based on what you’re actually doing

Sandra shared a cool tip with me today. You know how when you have a meeting on your Outlook calendar and it ends early, your Skype presence indicator shows that you’re still in the meeting until it actually ends on the calendar? There’s a setting in Skype that allows the presence indicator to actually show based on what you’re doing, not just on what your calendar *says* you’re scheduled to be doing. Here’s how you set and/or change it…

In order to find the setting, go into your Skype client and select the Settings gear icon > Tools > Options:


In the Skype for Business – Options dialog box, select the Personal options, and then look for Update my presence based on my calendar information in the Exchange and Outlook Integration section. For us, having that option selected is normally the default, and it means that your presence indicator in Skype is based on what your calendar says you’re doing, not what you’re actually doing:


When you de-select it and click OK, your Skype presence indicator will now stop showing you’re in a meeting as soon as you hang up:



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  1. FYI – once you get to O365 and mail is in Exchange Online, Teams just automagically picks that up from your calendar. No settings to set.


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