Transferring your Skype phone calls to another phone

If you’re a person who gets a number of phone calls on your work number, you may want or need to have those calls transferred to another number for some period of time. Maybe you have an errand to run outside the office, and you want the number to go to your cell phone. Or maybe you’re out of the office for an extended period of time, and you want someone else to field your calls. Here’s how you can make that happen in your Skype settings…

You can tell if your call forwarding is off by looking at the bottom of your Skype window for the Call Forwarding Off status message:


To set your call forwarding options, click on the gear icon on the upper-right side of the Skype window, and select Tools > Call Forwarding Options:


By default, your settings for call forwarding will likely be turned off:


To have call forwarding take effect immediately, select the Forward my calls to: option, and then click New Number or Contact:


In this case, I want my calls to go to my cell phone, so I entered my cell phone number in there and clicked OK:


Skype now shows that my calls are being forwarded, and anyone that calls my work number will be forwarded to my cell phone:



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