Managing Content in your Skype meeting

Have you ever been in a Skype meeting and had someone say “you can download the PowerPoint I’ve attached to our Skype meeting”, and you don’t have a clue as to where they put it? This tip will help you manage any content added to a Skype meeting…

When someone adds a file or attachment to a Skype meeting, you’ll see the yellow message bar at the bottom of the screen. That will disappear after a few seconds, but you can always look at the Monitor icon at the bottom of the screen. If that has a red dot in the upper right corner, then there’s content attached to the meeting:


If you hover over the icon, you’ll see a pop-up menu, and you want to select the last option for Manage Content (which will show you how many items are attached to the meeting):


The pop-up Manage Content window will show you what is attached to the meeting, who attached it, and what type of permissions it has. There are also four icons that allow you to work with the attached material:


The Eye icon will open the attachment:


The Lock icon will change the permissions for who can download the content:


The X icon will delete the attachment:


And finally, the Ellipsis icon will allow you to save or rename the item, as well as see some metadata about it:


So just remember… if you see a red dot on the Monitor icon in your Skype meeting, there are extra treasures awaiting your discovery.

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