Re-displaying closed conversations in Skype

Sandra showed me a really cool tip last week that I didn’t know about (because I tend not to click on buttons I’ve never used before). She showed me how to re-display Skype conversations within Skype if I inadvertently close one. This is far better than having to go check out Conversation History in Outlook. Here’s how it works…

If you go into Skype and click the Clock icon, it will allow you to see tabs for telephone calls, missed calls and conversations, and ALL conversations and calls. That’s the tab you should click on:


You will see all the conversations and calls you’ve been on. If you click on one of the entries, it will then open it back up in Skype instead of you having to go find it in Conversation History in Outlook:


A couple things to keep in mind… Skype pulls its information from the Conversation History folder in Outlook. So, if you have a retention policy that deletes conversations after, say… 7 days, then your ability to recall Skype conversations will only go back that far. Likewise, if you delete all your Conversation History in Outlook, you’ll also clear out all your conversations in Skype. If you’re running Exchange Online, it may take a while for them to completely disappear after you delete them, but they WILL eventually be gone.

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