Making your voice heard at Microsoft – UserVoice sites for our relevant software

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get a question from someone along the lines of “does do , and why doesn’t it?”. Or, there’s the “when will Microsoft change to allow us to do ” question. Bottom line… we don’t know, and we have virtually no sway to influence Microsoft to change their software… but you do!

Transferring your Skype phone calls to another phone

If you’re a person who gets a number of phone calls on your work number, you may want or need to have those calls transferred to another number for some period of time. Maybe you have an errand to run outside the office, and you want the number to go to your cell phone. Or maybe you’re out of the office for an extended period of time, and you want someone else to field your calls. Here’s how you can make that happen in your Skype settings…

Updating your Skype presence based on what you’re actually doing

Sandra shared a cool tip with me today. You know how when you have a meeting on your Outlook calendar and it ends early, your Skype presence indicator shows that you’re still in the meeting until it actually ends on the calendar? There’s a setting in Skype that allows the presence indicator to actually show based on what you’re doing, not just on what your calendar *says* you’re scheduled to be doing. Here’s how you set and/or change it…

Why the names in a Skype meeting vary in how they are ordered

On our “you ask the questions, we try to answer them” call this week, someone brought up the question of why some names in a Skype meeting are in first/last name order, and others are in last/first name order. Even more confusing, it’s not consistent for a particular name across all the people on the call. We presented the question to our Skype expert Brandon Bettle and found out the answer.

Re-displaying closed conversations in Skype

Sandra showed me a really cool tip last week that I didn’t know about (because I tend not to click on buttons I’ve never used before). She showed me how to re-display Skype conversations within Skype if I inadvertently close one. This is far better than having to go check out Conversation History in Outlook. Here’s how it works…