Fixing your quirky spelling errors in Office

Admit it… you have a few(?) words that you always misspell or mistype when working on a Word document, a PowerPoint deck, an Excel file, a OneNote notebook, or an Outlook email. And, for whatever reason, the program decides that your quirky spelling isn’t important enough to fix for you automagically. Well, you can actually add your own spelling quirks to Office so that you don’t have to wear out the backspace key fixing your errors. And yes… this is a case where you can fix it once, and *all* the programs will pick up the change!

Saving all the images in a PowerPoint presentation

Let’s say that you have a PowerPoint PPTX file which has a number of images that you’d like to repurpose for some other reason. Maybe you want them for another presentation, or you want to include them in a SharePoint site or Word document. You could go to each page, right-click on the image, and save it locally… over and over and over.


You could use this technique to find all the images in one place, and then copy/paste the ones you want to use.