Running a PowerPoint presentation in Kiosk Mode

Let’s say you’re running a booth at a conference, and you’d like a PowerPoint slide show to run continuously and automatically. Or… perhaps you’re giving a presentation, and you want a “pre-show” slide deck to run continuously while everyone is coming in and finding their seats. You can do this by running a PowerPoint file in Kiosk Mode. Here’s how that works…

In your PowerPoint file, select all your slides and go to Transitions > Timing. Under the Advance Slide option, select the After option and set the amount of time you want to have each slide display. In this case, I put it for 2 seconds:


To go into Kiosk Mode, click on Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show:


In the Set Up Show dialogue mode, select the Show Type of Browsed at a kiosk (full screen) and click OK. The slide show will be ready to run at that point:


To start the show, click on Slide Show > From Beginning, and everything will start running. It will continue to cycle through all the slides every 2 seconds until you hit ESC to stop the show:



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