Using Text Fill for interesting graphic effects in PowerPoint

In today’s attention-deficit world, you sometimes need to take an extra step to make things pop in a presentation. In today’s tip, I share how to fill text in a PowerPoint slide with pictures for that extra bit of pizazz…

First, add text into a Text Box on a slide. In order to get the best effect, you should choose a font that is thick so that the background picture will be easier to view. Highlight the text and select Drawing Tools > Format. In that contextual Ribbon Bar, you should see an option for Text Fill. Select the Picture option in the Text Fill dropdown menu:


You can choose your picture from a file you have on your own device, from the icon collection, or from Online Pictures (like I’ve done here):


I’ll use Bing to do searches for pictures involving Space (my search term), and then click the Search icon:


I like the first picture in my search results, so I’ll select it in the upper left corner and click Insert:


Voila! The text in your slide is now using that image as the coloring:


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