Moving and copying files in OneDrive and Microsoft Teams

If you’re using OneDrive to create documents and files before you’re ready to share them with a larger audience… great job! Now that your document is ready to be shared, you can use the built-in Move and Copy options to get that file out to a SharePoint site without any hassles. Here’s how that works…

Here’s my OneDrive site, and I want to move Document1.docx to another location without having to first copy it to my hard drive and then to the next destination:

I click on the vertical Ellipsis and select Move to:

I can pick another location in my OneDrive, or I can select a SharePoint site (either a stand-alone site or one that’s part of a Microsoft Teams workspace). In this case, I want my file to go to my SharePoint Migration site:

I then drill down to the Documents library:

I select the Morning Checklist folder and click Move here. The file is copied to the new location *with* all the history, and once the copy is complete, the original version in my OneDrive is deleted:

If you use Copy to instead of Move to, the original version does not get deleted, and the history of the newly copied file starts fresh.

You can also do the same thing when you’re in a Microsoft Teams workspace. Here, I clicked on the Files tab in the General channel. In that document library, I clicked on the Ellipsis icon for Microsoft Power Platform Forum.ics and selected Move:

I can select a new location in a Teams SharePoint site or I can move it to my OneDrive. Here, I’m going to move that file to the Email Messages folder in the same document library:

Once I’m in that folder, I click Move, and the file is moved over to the new location and deleted from the old location:

I can also move it to my OneDrive using the same steps:

For additional details, check out Move or copy files in SharePoint and Move or copy files in Teams.

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