Maximum file size for OneDrive and SharePoint Online is now 250 GB

Due to customer requests to increase file size upload limits, Microsoft now allows uploads of 250 gigabytes (GB) (up from 100 GB) in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Having said that, please do not look at this as a challenge…

Microsoft has done a lot to improve network file upload speeds, such as being able to update just the parts of a file that have changed instead of uploading the entire file again. Still, the first time a file is uploaded, the entire size of the file will have to pass through your network to get to the cloud. It’s recommended that, if possible, you use the sync client to load it from your computer to the cloud (such as your OneDrive area) in the background.

Also, these types of files can have a significant impact on your overall cloud storage space allocation. Lists and libraries now have versioning turned on by default. If you are updating a large file (like editing an image repeatedly), each version is going to take up space in your storage allocation. While 75 terabytes (TB) of cloud storage sounds like a lot, four 250 GB files would eat up 1 TB… you can see the math doesn’t end well for staying under your quota.

So… if you need to have a large file in the cloud, you now have more options to make that happen. Just make sure you’re being a responsible user of the space that’s part of your organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant.

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