Using the Microsoft Teams SharePoint Tab to add pages, lists, or document libraries

As you consolidate more of your work (and your work day) in Microsoft Teams, it’s a good idea to make as much content as possible available within Teams so you don’t have to search somewhere else for it. The SharePoint Tab in a Microsoft Teams workspace now allows you to show lists and libraries of SharePoint sites in addition to individual pages. Here’s how that works…

To add a new SharePoint tab into one of your Team workspace channels, click on the Plus symbol at the top of the channel:

In the Add a tab dialog panel, select the SharePoint option:

In the SharePoint dialog panel, you can either select options from the SharePoint site associated with the Teams workspace, or you can use a URL from any other SharePoint site. If you are selecting options from the underlying SharePoint site, you will see options to select Recommended pages/lists/libraries, or you can select specific Pages, Lists, or Document libraries:

If you select Any SharePoint site, you can copy a URL for any specific page, list, or document library. In this instance, I’m entering a URL for the Shared Document library in our SPO Migration site:

I now have a tab labeled Documents (you can change the name of the tab if you’d like), and it shows me the default All Documents view of the Shared Documents library. I no longer have to leave Teams to get to that content!

For more information, check out Add a SharePoint page, list, or document library as a tab in Teams.

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