Fixing your quirky spelling errors in Office

Admit it… you have a few(?) words that you always misspell or mistype when working on a Word document, a PowerPoint deck, an Excel file, a OneNote notebook, or an Outlook email. And, for whatever reason, the program decides that your quirky spelling isn’t important enough to fix for you automagically. Well, you can actually add your own spelling quirks to Office so that you don’t have to wear out the backspace key fixing your errors. And yes… this is a case where you can fix it once, and *all* the programs will pick up the change!

In whatever Office program you’re in, go to File > Options, and then select Proofing > AutoCorrect Options:


If you’re in Outlook, the option is slightly different after File > Options. Go to Mail > Spelling and Autocorrect:


Now you’ll see the Proofing > AutoCorrect Options selection:


Once you’re in the AutoCorrect dialog box, you can enter new options on how you’d like Office to autocorrect your spelling. For me, I often misspell SharePoint as “SharEPoint”, and I have to keep correcting it. By adding it to my list of autocorrections, it will always be corrected for me automagically:


And again, if you do this in any of the Office programs, it will carry over to all the other Office programs. You don’t have to make each change individually!

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