Customizing AutoCorrect in Office programs

I think AutoCorrect in the different Office programs (such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) is a lifesaver when it comes to creating documents with no (or fewer) typos.

What you may not know is that you have the ability to do a lot of customization in AutoCorrect in order to make it work best for your particular situations.

office-autocorrect-20171204-1To get to the AutoCorrect options, open up Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (AutoCorrect is synchronized between all three) and select File > Options > Proofing:


When you click the AutoCorrect Options button, you’ll see the following dialog box:


In here, you’ll find a treasure trove of options to make AutoCorrect work for you (instead of against you as sometimes happens). For instance, you can add additional text replacements strings. Let’s say you often type the letters O O T B (without the spaces) to mean “Out-of-the-box”. Using the Replace Text As You Type option, you can have Office replace the spelled-out term whenever you type those four characters together.


The other tabs at the top of the dialog box also have some cool options, such as whether you want web addresses to turn into hyperlinks and if you want new bullet points to be added when you hit Enter while typing into a bulleted list.


Take some time to check it out and see if you can save yourself some time and keystrokes in your day-to-day work.

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