Starting an instant Microsoft Teams meeting with Outlook’s Meet Now button

To make it easier to start an instant meeting in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft added a Meet Now option in the Teams client some time back. However, if you still live your life in the Outlook client, you had to do some major context switching to get a meeting started. Now you can click on the Meet Now option in your Outlook client calendar, and a new Teams meeting will start up. Here’s how that works…

In Microsoft Teams, you have the option to start an instant meeting from either your Activity or Teams feed, or from your Teams calendar:

However, now you can also start a Teams meeting directly from your Outlook client calendar by using the Meet Now icon in the menu bar:

That will start up the meeting and give you the chance to name it:

And once you join the meeting, you can then invite participants to join you:

Keep in mind that this only works if you’re using the Outlook client and the Teams client. If you’re using the browser versions, it’s not available.

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