Pinning email messages in Outlook Online on Office 365

We’re doing a lot of pilot testing on various parts of Office 365, and a colleague pointed out something yesterday that I hadn’t noticed. You can pin an email in Outlook Online so that it stays at the top of your Inbox and doesn’t get buried. Here’s how you do that…

When you’re in Office 365 and using Outlook, you can hover over an email message (that’s the grey message from Sandra). There are four icons that appear, and the last one (the push pin) will pin your message in your Inbox. If the push pin is sideways, it’s unpinned. But when you click on the push pin, it’ll change direction:


Here’s what it looks like once you’ve clicked it:


Now when you refresh the page, you’ll see that your pinned message is at the top, and will stay there until you delete it or unpin it:


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