Making the Word calculator a bit more useful

A colleague sent me an email after last week’s tip on creating a calculator in Word. She wondered if you could create a “spreadsheet” of claims in Word, and use the calculator to add up the claim totals. Much to my surprise, you *can* do something like what she suggested:


I added the Calculate icon to my Word Quick Access area (#1). I then created a table in Word where numbers are in the first column and a plus sign in the second column (#2). When I clicked the Calculate button, I got the total in the status bar (#3).

I found that I could leave rows blank, and it would still calculate the total. The only thing I had to make sure of was that the very last cell didn’t have a “+” symbol in it. If I put a “+” in the last cell, the Calculate icon did nothing.

Have fun playing around with your new toy. 🙂

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