Adding a “calculator” to Word

This is one of those things that I find more interesting than useful, but I can also see how some people might find this to be just the tool they need. So, with that… here’s how to add a calculator to Word. 🙂

In Word, click on the option to customize your Quick Access Toolbar. Select More Commands:


In the Word Options dialog box, select All Commands and scroll down to Calculate. Click the Add button to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar, and then click OK:


The Calculate function is now available on your toolbar:


To use the Calculator, type in a calculation (I used 5433 + 1752). Then click the Calculate icon. The answer (7165) shows up on the status bar at the bottom of Word:


As I mentioned above, I would prefer have a calculator app running if I were doing a lot of calculations. But this is a nice way to do quick one-off calculations if you don’t trust your fingers and toes.

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