Finding deleted content in the OneNote Notebook Recycle Bin

Lately I’ve had a few panicked phone calls from my customers who are missing content (either pages or whole sections) in their OneNote notebooks. In order to help everyone reduce those feelings of dread, I’d like to make sure you know about the OneNote Recycle Bin, which almost always has the material that was deleted.

In this example, I’m going to delete my Meeting Notes section in my Tom Duff – Notes And Status notebook by right-clicking on the entry in the side navigation and clicking Delete:


Now that it’s gone, I can go to the History tab in the Ribbon Bar, select the Notebook Recycle Bin dropdown menu, and then select Notebook Recycle Bin:


As you can see, the Meeting Notes section I deleted is in the Notebook Recycle Bin, and it will remain there for 60 days before it disappears for good:


To get it back in my notebook, I right-click the section tab and select Move or Copy:


The Move or Copy Section dialog box allows me to pick the notebook where I want to restore the section to. Once I select that notebook, I click Move or Copy at the bottom of the screen:


VoilĂ ! My Meeting Notes section is now back in my original notebook, and all is well:


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