Managing your Recent Files list in Microsoft Office programs

When you first open up a Microsoft Office program like Word or Excel, you’ll see a list of the Recent files you’ve worked on. This is great for quickly getting back to an important document, but you can also manage the list to make sure the list reflects the way you want to work.

In this example, when I’m in a Word document and click the File option, this is what I see:


The files I’ve accessed and worked on show up in descending order when I’m on the Recent selection.

If I right-click on one of the items, I can do such things as “pin” the item to the list, remove it from the list, or clear out the entire list of documents that are not pinned:


Once you pin the item, it stays at the top of the list under the Pinned category:


You can also go into the Options within Word and customize a few of the settings for the list:


This also works in other Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel. You’ll also see a Recent Files list when you first open up the program, so you don’t already have to be in a document to take advantage of this feature:


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