Drag and drop an email into a SharePoint Online document library

Did you know you can drag and drop an email from Outlook into a SharePoint document library? This is a feature I really like, as it allows me to store relevant emails in a document library that is being used as a project repository. Here’s how it works…

Here I have Outlook and a SharePoint document library side-by-side. I click on one of my emails…

… and drag it over to a non-folder entry in the document library. I can see a faint outline of the email entry that I’m dragging over:

The email is then uploaded to the document library:

It appears as a .msg file along with an envelope file type icon:

If you drag it over a folder, you’ll see the folder outlined with a dashed line, and the email will be uploaded to that folder:

The email doesn’t get deleted from Outlook once you drag it over, so you don’t lose anything in your mailbox when you do this.

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