Cleaning up document libraries in SharePoint Online using Preview

Sandra Mahan just blew my mind with a feature in SharePoint Online that makes cleaning up document libraries *so* much easier… the Preview feature. It’s probably been there for a long time, but neither of us had really used it before. Here’s how it works…

Here I have a SharePoint Online document library that needs some overall clean-up in terms of deleting old documents:

Using the vertical ellipsis icon on the first file in the library, I select the Preview option:

SharePoint launches a preview pane of that particular file, as well as the ability to navigate forward and backwards in the list of files, showing the preview of each one. In order to give you a bit more context as to what the file is named and such, click on the Information icon in the upper-right corner:

In the Details panel, I now have the name of the file, who has access, properties, etc. If I determine I no longer need this file, I can use the Delete option to get rid of it and move to the next file:

I went from 8 of 46 to 9 of 46. I can continue to do this through the rest of the library, either navigating to the next file or deleting the current one if I no longer need it:

This certainly beats having to open the file, look at it, close the file, and then delete it from the library.

Extra bonus… this also works in OneDrive (since OneDrive is actually a SharePoint site)! You can now work through your OneDrive files to easily clean those up also!

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