Side-by-Side and Reporter presenter modes in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft continues to come up with new ways to allow presenters to show their content and, if desired, the presenter at the same time. The latest changes along this line are the Side-by-Side and Reporter presenter modes in Microsoft Teams. Here’s how they work and what they look like…

In a Microsoft Teams meeting, you have two new options for Presenter Mode… the Side-by-Side icon on the left and the Reporter icon on the right. Select one of those modes and pick what you want to share (such as your entire screen or a specific window):

You can also click on the Customize button to change the overall background that shows up between your screen sharing and your video:

In Side-by-Side mode, my screen share is on the left and my video is on the right, with the video showing everything that the camera picks up in the field of vision:

In Reporter mode, my screen share is still to the left, but you only see my head and body on the screen, making it look somewhat like a reporter on the evening news:

For more information, check out Microsoft Teams introduces new Side-by-Side and Reporter Presenter modes.

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