Changing the Title Region Gradient on SharePoint Online pages

When using the Image and title layout of a SharePoint Online page, the image that you put in the header automatically has a gradient from top to bottom. After a while, you don’t even notice it (or at least I don’t any more). But now, you have the option to turn off the Title Region Gradient for more control over that image. Here’s how that works…

Here’s a default SharePoint Online page using the Image and title layout. By clicking the Image icon in the upper-left corner, you can select a new image to use as your header background:

For this example, I selected a bright red image so as to show off the gradient effect better. I selected the image from my Recent options and clicked Insert:

By default, that new image shows the gradient from light at the top to dark at the bottom. To remove the gradient, click the Edit icon in the upper-left corner:

At the bottom of the Title area panel, you have the option to change the Show background gradient option to No:

And now you have your selected image showing up with no gradient!

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