Sharing Emails to Microsoft Teams

We’ve all been there… Someone sends out an email to a group of people, and pretty soon there are a number of replies coming in, none of which have all the information due to people replying at different times. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take that email and move it into a Teams chat or channel where everyone can discuss the original email and everyone sees everything to date?

Now you can… using the Share to Teams button in Outlook!

Here’s how it works…

I have an email that I’d like to move to a Teams chat or channel for further discussion. To move it, I can click on the Share to Teams button in the Message menu bar:

In the dialog box, I can select a Teams channel or chat to send the email to, along with a text message to get the conversation started. In this case, I’m sending it to our SharePoint Team Teams workspace, and specifically the General channel:

The email is now posted in the General channel, and people in that Team can now start commenting and replying on the email content, cutting out the whole “reply/reply to all” mess of disjointed replies and comments:

Granted… in a perfect world, you would have started this discussion *in* Teams instead of via email, but sometimes the use case doesn’t give you that option. For those situations where you want to open up a discussion on something that came to you via email, this works out well.

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