Meeting Reactions in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has now provided a way to give visual feedback during a meeting with the use of Meeting Reactions. It’s a quick way to express (and gauge) the feelings and emotions of the audience while you’re presenting. Here’s how it works…

In the menu bar at the top of the screen, hover over the Raise Hand icon to get the four Meeting Reaction emoticons (Like, Heart, Applause, and Laugh). Click on whichever one is appropriate for you. Others in the meeting will see the emoticon on your picture:

And if you’re watching a presentation without all the meeting attendee images, you’ll see the emoticons float up from the bottom of the screen as they are clicked by others:

Machine generated alternative text:
Q3 Sales Report 
14 November

I’ve been in a few meetings where we’ve taken advantage of these to let the presenter know they like what was said. As a presenter, it’s kinda nice. 🙂

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