Tasks by Planner and To Do in Microsoft Teams

There are a number of places where you end up storing tasks and to-do items throughout Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams has made it a bit easier to keep track of your items with a feature called Tasks by Planner and To Do. This consolidates your To Do tasks and your Planner tasks in one place for easy reference. Here’s how it works…

On your left-side navigation bar, you should see an entry for Tasks by Planner and To Do. This may have been called Planner prior to this change. If you don’t see either of these, click on the Ellipsis icon at the bottom of the navigation list to add the app.

Once you have it out there, you’ll see a list of all your tasks stored in the Outlook To Do area, along with any tasks assigned you to in any Planners you’re part of:

This has become my first stop of the day under the Tasks entry to make sure I’ve taken care of any of my daily/recurring tasks.

I *love* having all my assigned tasks in one place!


  1. Thanks for this Tom. I agree, this is the feature that many Planner users in particular have been missing!

    (BTW – did you know that your social media links at the top of the homepage just go to the root site, and not the fanpage for this site?).



  2. However, once you have created a New List or Plan and kept it under My Tasks – I can no longer delete the List/Plan name when I no longer need it – I can delete all the tasks within but am now left with orphan list/plan name under My Tasks – it will delete however if I assign said List/Plan to a Team/Channel or even use the full Planner Office 365 App !!!!!


  3. It’s really an advance, although, in my opinion, it’s necessary to accelerate the integration with Outlook and to add a shared Kanban view too. Till this time, there are other much better options to follow the tasks and to interact with them.


  4. This is great if it automatically plugged into your outlook calander and gave you notifications timely.
    Its not good when people assign you task and have no clue of your current work load or where you stand with your current workload and are able to add the task to your load with unrealistic deadlines.

    Needs alot of improving before publishing for use in my opinion. I do LOVE having a task list to check off but needs to have regulations on others just plugging stuff in for you to do by a said deadline without realizing all the task they have already assigned not completd.


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