Creating SharePoint Online lists from templates

As part of the changes for Microsoft Lists, there’s been a refresh on how you create new lists in SharePoint Online. One of the more interesting changes is a set of pre-defined templates you can use to get started on a new list. It’s a great starting point for building out a list that fits your needs. Here’s how it works…

To start a new list, go to Site Contents and select New > List:

You now have a refreshed starting screen for your list creation. You can use the existing functionality, such as Blank list, From Excel, and From existing list. However, you can also select from one of the pre-defined templates. These templates include basic functionality for Issue tracker, Employee onboarding, Event itinerary, Asset manager, Recruitment tracker, Travel requests, Work progress tracker, and Content scheduler. To start, select one of the templates:

The selection screen changes to show you each of the templates on the left side, as well as a sample of what the list would look like on the right. Pick the template you’d like to use for your starting design, and click Use template:

You then have the opportunity to name your list, give it a description, and decide if it should show up in site navigation immediately. When you’re done, click Create:

There you have it… your new list based on the template you selected. You can now go into List Settings and start modifying your list to meet your specific needs:

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