Sending a Microsoft Teams conversation item to Outlook

In a perfect world, everyone you need to involve in a chat or channel conversation in Microsoft Teams will be present in that particular Teams workspace (or even in Teams in general). But the world is not perfect, and many people still live in their inbox. If you need to inform someone of a Teams chat or conversation, you can email them a copy of it so that they will know what’s going on. Here’s how you do that…

In this example of a chat entry, I hover in the upper-right corner of the chat item to get the emoticon and ellipsis icons for more options. I click on Share to Outlook to email that particular chat entry:

An Outlook email panel appears in Teams to allow you to address the item to another person, and it formats the content in a way that makes it obvious that it’s coming from Teams. When ready, click Send:

In Outlook, I now see the contents of that chat entry and can take action, save it for reference, or whatever else I need to do with it:

You can do the same thing with a conversation in a Teams channel. The only difference is that it will send the initial message and all the replies associated with it. In addition, at the bottom of the email there’s a link to take you directly to that conversation in Teams:

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