Cortana Daily Briefing emails

If you have a ton of items on your calendar and in your inbox each morning, it can be a bit overwhelming to sort through things and figure out what needs attention right away. There’s a new feature in Microsoft 365 called the Cortana Daily Briefing email. Here’s what’s going on there…

According to Microsoft, the Briefing email does the following:

Cortana sends a personalized briefing email with tasks and commitments you made with a convenient way to mark them as done or schedule focus time to get them done. It also includes a summary of your meetings and relevant documents for your day. Cortana extracts information from a user’s email messages and stores it in their Exchange Online mailbox until it’s consolidated into the Briefing email. At no time is personal data accessible outside of your Exchange Online mailbox.

Here’s what my briefing email looked like this morning:

I like how Cortana is becoming Microsoft’s “personal productivity assistant” using AI to help me focus on things that need attention and are important. It should help me from having things slip through the cracks…

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