Channel Moderation in Microsoft Teams

While many of the Microsoft Teams workspaces you’re part of need everyone to participate freely in various channels, you may have a few Teams (or channels) where a small number of people post to a larger audience, and that audience shouldn’t be allowed to also post. For that, there’s now Channel Moderation. Here’s how that works…

To start, click on the ellipsis icon next to the name of one of your workspaces, and select Manage Team:

When the Manage Team screen appears, click on Channels:

From there, click on the ellipsis icon next to the channel you want to moderate, and select Manage Channel:

The Channel Moderation screen for the General channel allows you to let anyone post (the default) or you can restrict it down to where only the Owners of the workspace can post:

If you select the Manage Channel for any channel that *isn’t* the General channel, you see something different. By default, Channel Moderation is turned off, and everyone can start new posts:

If you turn Channel Moderation on, you have many more options. You can set who the moderators of the channel are, whether channel members can reply to posts, whether bots can submit messages, and whether connectors can submit messages:

This isn’t something that you’ll need on every channel in every Teams workspace you’re part of. But if you’re after that “one to many” communication pattern, this is the trick to make it happen.

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