Using your Activity Stream in Microsoft Teams

If you belong to a number of Microsoft Team workspaces, it can be a little overwhelming to keep track of all the conversations and activities going on in every one of the Teams you are part of. However, you can use the Activity Stream and the associated filter to make it easier to see just the items that are most important to you at that point in time. Here’s how that works…

In your Microsoft Teams client, the Activity Feed is the first icon on the left-side navigation. When you click on the Activity icon (the bell), it will show you a feed of all the activities in the workspaces and channels that you follow:


If you click on the Feed dropdown menu, you can filter that down to only show you things that directly involve you:


Now I only see items that I was involved in, such as via replies or posts:


Going back to the Feed option… There’s a Filter funnel icon to the right, and that gives you another way to only show the items that are important to you. For instance, I may only want to see the activities that mentioned me by name:


Now that I’ve filtered on Mentions, all the items that appear in my list are ones where I was directly mentioned:


If you’re keeping up with things on a regular basis, you may not need this. But if you’re looking for items that could be back a few days or weeks (such as a missed call), these filtering options can be a lifesaver.


  1. This was helpful. The Activity content seemed random, as we don’t have teams or channels implemented yet, but after looking at the filter, everything showing up there met one of the criteria of our Filter selections. Thanks for the good post.


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