Concatenating Excel data with Fill Justify

This is one of those tips you may not know about, but it will be a lifesaver if you only have to use it once. Using the Fill > Justify feature in Excel, you can concatenate data from multiple Excel cells into a single cell. It’s easy, and here’s how it works…

Here I have a series of data cells that have text that I want to concatenate into a single cell. To start, I highlight all the cells I want to concatenate:


Next, I expand out the column to be wide enough to accommodate all the data. If it’s too short, it will break up the data into multiple cells in the column:


Now for the magic… select Home > Edit > Fill > Justify in the Ribbon Bar:


Yay! All the data is concatenated into a single cell, without you having to know any Formula language or wear out your fingers using copy/paste!


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