Spicing up your Microsoft Teams channel posts and conversations

In the Conversation tabs of your various Microsoft Teams channels, you can have a lot of information going back and forth that just sort of blends together into a blur. That’s fine for the normal team chatter, but you may have something to post in there that should be more noticeable than everything else. That’s when you want to use the Formatting feature in the post area. Here’s how to do that…

Here’s a bland post for a channel. While the thought behind the post is important, the presentation of the post is easy to overlook when you click the Send icon:


I could (and probably have) overlooked posts like this:


Now… let’s take the same post, but this time click the Format icon in the lower left corner instead of sending it right away:


You can now:

  • Add a Subject
  • Bold/Italicize/Underline wording
  • Highlight text/change font sizes
  • Create a bulleted/numbered list
  • Add a hyperlink
  • Offset a section of the post as a quote
  • Add HTML
  • Format the text for paragraphs
  • Flag the post as being important


Here I’ve updated my original post with a subject, a bulleted list, highlighted text, a link to Google, and I’ve marked the message as important:


This certainly stands out, and will catch my audience’s attention far better than my original one-liner…


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