Using the Organization Chart in Microsoft Teams

It’s a pretty common thing to run across someone’s name and wonder where they fall into the company organization chart. One way you can figure that out quickly is to use the Organization feature in Microsoft Teams. Here’s how…

When you’re in Microsoft Teams, select the Chat icon on the left side navigation and then select either Recent or Contacts to get a list of people you have chatted with or have marked as a Favorite. When you click on their name, select the Organization tab under their name header:


Teams will show you the company organization chart with your selected person in the middle, their management chain up to the CEO, and all the people who report to them under their entry:


If the person you selected isn’t in management, then you will just see the organization chart with their entry highlighted and all their coworkers next to them. In other words, looking at the org chart for me would look just like the entry above, except that my name box would be outlined in blue instead of Sandra’s name box.

And one caveat here… While it looks like Sandra has a ton of people reporting to her, the reality is that test accounts will also show up under her. In the example above, I show up as three people due to having a test account, a SharePoint administrator account, and my normal account.



  1. In our case, it flows through from the Organization entries under Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC).
    Job Title, Department, Company / Manager, Direct Reports – all info that is entered there is passed to Teams Org views


    1. Thanks. So here’s the method in detail (in case anyone else is looking):
      1. In the Microsoft 265 Admin Center go to Show All, then click on Azure Active Directory.
      2. In Azure Active Directory go to Users, then click on the user name you wish to enter info for.
      3. Within the user profile, click on Edit next to Job Profile and then enter the information (job title, department, manager)


  2. I know that the chart shows up on 1:1 Chats only. Buf if im in touch with a guest or external person? Would the chart show up to him as well or it is only within the organization?

    Id like to ascertain this, but cant find any reliable hints to this regard.


  3. Hello,

    As one peruses the organizational charts in Teams by clicking through the chart — clicking on various name boxes — are the users whose names are clicked on notified of this activity?

    I have done this several times in trying to understand how departments of my organization operate and who does what — but I am hoping I am not disturbing people / users while doing so — I would feel terrible.

    Please advise if this activity bothers, via alert or some notification, those who are listed on the organizational charts.

    Thank you very much.



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