Finding out what Outlook distribution lists you own or belong to

One of the questions I get asked on a fairly regular basis is how someone can tell what distribution groups they either own or are a member of. In the process of looking up some other information today, I found an option in Outlook Online that provides that information in an easy to read format. Here’s how to find it…

After signing into Outlook Online, click on the Gear (Settings) icon in the upper right corner of the application:


Depending on the size of your screen, you may need to scroll down in the Settings options to get to the bottom, where you’ll click on the Mail app settings link:


The Mail link opens up the Options panel on the left-side of the screen, and you should select General > Distribution Groups:


It may take a few seconds to get all the information depending on the size of your organization, but you’ll end up with a list of Distribution Groups you belong to, as well as a list of Distribution Groups that you own:


Depending on what permissions you have and the way your groups are set up, you can click on various groups to see who is part of the group as well as updating the membership.

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