Outlook’s reminder when you forget your email attachment

Admit it… we’ve all done it. We craft a wonderful email that tells the recipient(s) to look at the enclosed or attached file, and then we send it… without the attachment. Outlook can help you avoid that email faux pas in a number of cases, and here’s how you do it…

In the File > Options area for Outlook, click on Mail and scroll down to Send Messages. Make sure that Warn me when I send a message that may be missing an attachment is selected:


Now, if you create an email using words in the body like attach, attached, attachment, or enclosed, and there is no attachment on the email, you will see the Attachment Reminder dialog box pop up:


I didn’t find a definitive list of all the words Outlook will scan for, but this is a good way to (often) avoid the embarrassment of having to follow up an email with another one that does include an attachment.


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  1. This has saved me countless times, often helping me avoid very awkward replies, asking me for the attached file that I mentioned in my email.


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