Making quick video recordings in OneNote

Let’s say you want to create a quick video of yourself, either to let your team know something, or perhaps just as a reminder to yourself to take care of some items. OneNote has a basic video recording function built in, and it’s perfect for those basic types of videos (not screen captures… just whatever your vidcam is picking up). Here’s how it works…

First off, go to your OneNote Options (File > Options), select Audio & Video, and make sure you have the right audio and video devices selected to record yourself:


Once that’s done, go to the Insert tab, add a new page, place the cursor where you want the recording to be, and click Record Video:


The video will start recording immediately, and you’ll have a Recording tab in the Ribbon Bar that will have the controls to Pause and Stop the recording:


When you’re done, just click Stop and everything is stored automatically. If you want to replay the recording, click Play:


What’s also a nice touch is that you can also right-click on the video icon and save it to a different location if you need it to reside outside of OneNote:


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