Sending an Outlook email with CTRL + ENTER keyboard shortcut

I know a number of my readers are keyboard wizards, and they would prefer do most/all functions using keyboard shortcuts rather than the mouse. I just learned this shortcut today… sending an Outlook email using the CTRL + ENTER shortcut

To set this up, go into the Outlook options (File > Options), and click on the Mail options. In the options grouped under Send Messages, select the option for CTRL + ENTER Sends A Message:


Once that’s done, you can go into an email, type whatever you have into the body, and then press the CTRL + ENTER keys. You’ll get the pop-up message asking if you really want to use that shortcut to send your email. I would suggest selecting the Don’t Show This Message Again option and then click Yes:


You now have one less situation where your fingers need to leave the keyboard.


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